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Film Scanning FAQ
35mm Slides, Negatives, Transparencies

NEW!  We now scan Medium Format Slides & Negative Films too.  Contact us for pricing info.


We use the state-of-the-art Nikon 5000 ED Film Scanner.  All types of films can be scanned, including color, black-and-white, slides, transparencies, or negatives. 


Scan resolution can be anything you want, up to 4000 dpi. Output can be in TIFF or JPEG format, or both.


Standard scanning includes the following:
- Autofocus
- Autoexposure
- Digital ICE4 dust & scratch removal *
- ROC color restoration
- GEM film grain reduction

By default, we scan with all these options turned on.  We will monitor the scans to determine the mix of features that yield the best results for your particular slides.  Any or all of these options can be turned off if you prefer, however we strongly recommend keeping at least the ICE dust & scratch removal. 
*Note:  Digital ICE works great with most films to eliminate scratches and specks, but it may not produce good results with Kodachrome slides or traditional silver-based black-and-white films.  If this is determined to be the case, the ICE feature will not be used.


You can choose whether to include the "black border" and rounded corners around each image (resulting from over-scanning the slide to include the inside edge of the slide mount frame), or we can crop the image so it has clean edges with no border.


Standard scan pricing per image is as follows.  Prices are in U.S. dollars.

1400 DPI:  $0.60.  Makes photo print of at least 4x6 inches at 300 dpi. TIFF file size is approximately 7 MB. Image dimensions 1850x1250 ppi, 2.3 megapixels.

2000 DPI:  $1.00.
  Makes photo print of at least 5x7 inches at 300 dpi. TIFF file size is approximately 10 MB. Image dimensions 2240x1525 ppi, 3.4 megapixels.

3000 DPI:  $2.50.
  Makes photo print of at least 8x10 inches at 300 dpi. TIFF file size is approximately 25 MB. Image dimensions 3500x2350 ppi, 8.2 megapixels. 

4000 DPI:  $3.50.  Makes photo print of at least 12x18 inches at 300 dpi. TIFF file size is approximately 64 MB. Image dimensions 5400x3640 ppi, 19.8 megapixels.

Any other DPI resolution you prefer can also be done. Just ask -- we're flexible!


The image files can be written to a data CD or data DVD.  1 CD free with order.  DVDs are $3.  How many image files fit on a disk depends on the file format and the scan resolution. 


Images on the CD or DVD are viewable (and editable) on computers, and can also be played as a "slide show" on most standard DVD players that are attached to a TV.  No extra or special software is required. 

For the following services the total scanning cost is double the prices listed above.

- Post-scan manual exposure adjustments (Curves & Levels)
- DEE shadow exposure adjustment
- Additional noise reduction / grain reduction

These features work wonders with difficult or underexposed slides, bringing lost detail back out of the shadows or correcting underexposures. These special techniques are not usually necessary with correctly exposed (or close enough) images.


- 16 bit scans
- Multiple-sample scans up to 16x


Please call or email to schedule your scans.  DO NOT MAIL FILMS WITHOUT PRE-AUTHORIZATION.   Customer is responsible for shipping charges of all items to and from Photo Fix Pro. 

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Located in the Ahwatukee Foothills of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 

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